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Please check the information on your order is correct and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

All delivery and fitting dates are estimates given in good faith.  Fitting appointments and delivery of carpet is based on the exact arrival of the material/items and cannot be guaranteed due to delays with receiving these goods from the Suppliers. 

Exact colour and texture matching between separate pieces of carpet, and especially four and five metre rolls, can sometimes vary and therefore is not guaranteed.

Full payment of balance of goods is required in full on the date of delivery and fitting.  We do not operate customer accounts.  Payment must be by credit/debit card, bank transfer or cash. Cheques will only be accepted by prior arrangement with our office.  The total cost is the same whether you pay by cash, cheque or card.

Goods will not be ordered or cut until a minimum of 50% deposit is paid.  Orders cannot be canceled without the company's consent and then only under terms that will indemnify the company against any loss. Product lines which are not normally stocked by the company and are bought in especially for the customer, render this order irrevocable and no cancellation can be accepted. 

All goods remain the property of the company and ownership of the goods will not be transferred to the buyer until the agreed payment has been received in full. If the buyer fails to pay the full purchase price of the goods the company shall be entitled to retake possession of the goods. For that purpose, the buyer irrevocably licenses the company, its servants and agents to enter upon any premises where goods are situated. The buyer shall indemnify and keep indemnified the company against any claim, loss, costs and expenses of any nature whatsoever by the company in exercising its power hereunder.

Terms of Business – FITTING SERVICE

FREE FITTING OFFER (available on selected products) does not include any clearance item, remnant or roll end.   The cost of any door bars and adhesives required.  Area’s less than 12 sq-metres. Removal or replacement of furniture & appliances. Uplift and disposal of existing floor coverings, door trimming, and subfloor repair & preparation.  (Note: These Fitting Services are available at extra charge).

Fitter’s carry out their work with reasonable care and skill, but even with the greatest care, home décor may be marked or scuffed during the fitting process. 

Please ensure the flooring material you receive is the correct one you ordered, the correct colour and size, and that it is inspected for any faults by yourself before the fitting commences.  If, on inspection you have any queries please contact us immediately.

Preparation, leveling and repair of floors.  Unless otherwise stated in the ‘Scope of Works’ (available at extra charge), the owner remains responsible to ensure that all floors are repaired and prepared prior to the fitting of any floor covering.  Loose boards should be fixed firmly by screws to eliminate creaking.  It is possible to improve wooden sub-floors by completely covering with plyboard pinned every 30cm.  Concrete floors can be screeded with self-smoothing compound, however, this is a smoothing compound and will not level uneven floors.  The Carpet Trader Cornwall Ltd can only fit to areas presented and accept no responsibility for problems created by any sub floor following the fitting of any floor covering.

The trimming of doors.  Doors may need to be trimmed to allow clearance.  This is not part of fitting work unless this has been specifically agreed prior to installation, should the door need to be trimmed to allow clearance the installer will take the door of prior to installation. As this is a carpentry job we would recommend a carpenter attend to this matter, however, some fitters at their discretion may undertake the plaining / rehanging of the door at a charge payable direct.  However, no responsibility for any damage to doors will be accepted by The Carpet Trader Cornwall Ltd.

The moving of furniture and appliances.  Unless otherwise stated in the ‘Scope of Works’ (available at additional charge), rooms should be completely cleared prior to the fitter/s arrival, INCLUDING APPLIANCES AND WHITE GOODS.    Where areas are not cleared prior to the fitter/s arrival, the fitter using his discretion, will negotiate an agreed fee direct, to cover the time it will take to move and replace furniture.  Failure to clear rooms prior to fitting may result in delays and/or the inability to carry out the work at the appointed time and The Carpet Trader Cornwall Ltd accept no liability for such delays.  Fitters do not disconnect, or reconnect any electrical, gas or water appliances. NOTE:  FRAGILE ITEMS, ORNAMENTS, WALL PLAQUES OR PICTURES, SOFT FURNISHINGS/BEDDING, ITEMS IN CUPBOARDS AND SMALL ITEMS MUST BE REMOVED BY OWNERS – THE FITTER/S WILL NOT REMOVE THESE ITEMS.  IF REQUESTED BY THE CUSTOMER TO MOVE FURNTITURE/APPLIANCES THE CARPET TRADER CORNWALL LTD WILL UNDERTAKE THIS WORK AT THE CUSTOMERS RESPONIBILITY, NO LIABILITY WILL BE ACCEPTED BY THE CARPET TRADER CORNWALL LTD FOR ITEMS THAT HAVE NOT BEEN REMOVED PRIOR TO INSTALLATION.

Uplift & Disposal of existing floor coverings.  Rooms must be cleared of old carpets and floor coverings prior to the arrival of the fitter/s.  Current legislation regarding the disposal of waste is becoming stricter every day.  The Carpet Trader Cornwall Ltd is only allowed to return waste to a bin for collection and transfer to a landfill site with strict conditions, a carrier of waste license and at a cost.  Should you require the extra service of uplift and removal of old floor coverings please be aware that set charges will apply – please enquire.

Terms of Business: Floor Covering Purchase and Carpet & Floor Covering Care

Whilst manufactures make every effort to match dye lots, customers are warned that colour shades may vary from samples shown.  The company shall not be liable for any manufacturing or transport delay in the performance of its obligation hereunder howsoever arising.

During transportation and storage, the carpet pile may become slightly crushed and this may show as shaded bands across the pile.  These will disappear as the caret settles into its new environment.

Re-using existing underlay may result in abnormal flattening of the pile.  We therefore, do not recommend this practice.

Carpets are made from soft fibre to provide luxury, warmth and sound insulation; however, they are all vulnerable to pile pressure/flattening.  Velvets and plush pile carpets are more susceptible whilst cords and loops are more durable.  “Shading” or permanent pile reversal particularly in cut pile, plush pile, velour and velvet carpets cannot be predicted or prevented and this effect has no detrimental influence on the durability or life of the carpet.  Therefore, shading and flattening is not a manufacturing fault and the manufacturer and The Carpet Trader Cornwall Ltd cannot accept claims on carpet which may be affected by “shading” or pile pressure/flattening.

Stains are always possible.  Some manufacturer’s give the impression that a product may be resistant to stains, however from the many years of experience in the industry we know that fibre-colour reaction is always possible following the spillage of coffee, fruit juice, wine and other acids.  Spillages are best dealt with immediately using tissue paper in a non-abrasive manner removing the staining agent without rubbing the pile.  It is then important to call in a professional cleaning company.  Customers should always ensure that their household contents insurance fully covers accidental spillage.

Underfloor heating – Please mention to the sales person if you have underfloor heating and which system you have, there are basically two types, electric heating cables or warm water pipes.  It is not recommended that electric heating is installed directly beneath carpet or vinyl flooring without a minimum of 8mm of a flexible levelling compound covering them.  Carpets and tiles act as thermal insulators which means that carpeted floors with under floor heating take slight loner to get warm initially but stay warm for longer.  With an underfloor heating system of water pipes buried in screed, the maximum acceptable combined thermal resistance (tog) value of the carpet and underlay recommended by Underfloor Heating companies in the UK, is 2.5 tog or less.  A low tog rated underlay will be required to be used with a carpet in order to achieve this.  Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) design flooring is suitable for installing over underfloor heating systems, providing they have been insulated so that the surface temperature does not exceed 27°C (80°F).  Please ensure that the underfloor heating is switched off 24 hours prior to installation of new flooring.

 Vinyl floor coverings are less problematic but care should be taken when moving any furniture or appliance as the flooring can be easily marked by dragging heavy objects across the surface.  Sub-floors should be prepared and free of any small bumps and protrusions. Vinyl floors and carpets will not disguise uneven sub-floors.  Whilst realizing that some customers prefer to loose-lay vinyl, we would point out that manufacturers are now saying that vinyl flooring should be adhered for the best results. Larger areas in excess of 12 Sqm must be perimeter stuck to the sub-floor.

Complaints Procedure
The Carpet Trader Cornwall Ltd will always aim to provide a high standard of care to all our customers. Nevertheless, we recognise that sometimes, things don’t always go to plan and if our customers are not satisfied with the services we have provided to them, we want to know about it.

The following process is designed to make customers aware of our complaints policy:
Before making a complaint - If something's not quite as you expected, normally the best way to deal with this is by speaking to the us direct on 01208 368643.
How to make a formal complaint:
By Email
You can email us confidentially at:
By Letter:
You can write to us at:

The Carpet Trader Cornwall Ltd
Unit 3-4 Trevanson Street
PL27 7AW
To ensure we handle your complaint effectively, we will require all customers to provide the following details to access their account:
  • Name on the order
  • Address
  • Contact details
  • Reason for complaint
  • Photograph's relating to complaint (if possible)
  • Installation date

Please note: if the details provided do not match our records we will not be able to discuss the order with you or handle the complaint.
How will the complaint be handled? - All complaints will be investigated by a member of our team. We will acknowledge your complaint within 7 working days of receiving it and aim to resolve complaints as promptly as possible.
We will also keep you updated during the investigation of your complaint, we may need to liaise with the manufacturer of the goods supplied in order to provide you with a fair and suitable resolution.

Our resolution will be communicated to you in your preferred contact method and may also be followed up in writing.  In the unlikely event we are unable to resolve your complaint within 10 weeks of receiving it, we will write to you and let you know what the next steps are.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution we have offered, please put in this in writing, the next step would be to seek to involve an independent body to carry out conciliation.